Benches, seats, bench seats & tables

Designed for short or long breaks, our numerous seating furnishings cater to the wide variety of users' needs. Beyond their apparent simplicity, our benches, banquettes, armchairs, and tables conceal numerous technical constraints, aesthetic choices, and the pursuit of an ideal ergonomics.

Bins & ashtrays

Waste bins and ashtrays are a major concern in urban planning. We offer a wide range, both in terms of materials and shapes, as well as uses. Moreover, all our bins can be customized: 2 or 3-stream selective sorting, security measures (Vigipirate), rain-protective lids, etc.

Bike stands

In full swing, the growth of cycling in urban areas has led us to design bike racks that meet both the users' demand for safety and the cities' needs to maintain orderly and easily identifiable spaces.

Bollards, barriers & studs

To guide, mark, organize flows, but also respect the surrounding public space are our guidelines for these product ranges. The choice of materials, shapes, and colors for steel allows us to offer a solution for all types of urban, maritime, or rural developments.

Tree grates & tree guards

Squared, round, or more complex shapes, choice of shades, specific dimensions – our tree grids and corsets go beyond the simple function of protecting vegetation in public spaces. They also ensure an aesthetic enhancement of the sites, providing real added value to the developments.


Creation of shaded areas, bringing a soothing touch of greenery to our cities, trees are multiplying in public spaces. We offer square or round planters, made of steel or steel and wood, protecting and enhancing the plants. All our planters can be customized for tailor-made designs.

Made to measure

We are a manufacturer, and offer our design office and workshop to serve public space designers and communities, in order to meet your specific urban furniture needs.