Fusion 80 post

Fusion 110 bollard

Fusion 170 bollards, H 500 and 700

Fusion posts & bollards - Street furniture. 

Urban bollards and posts, made of steel, enriched with a brushed stainless steel wing. Visibility and quality rendering are the markers of this production.

Extremely neat bollards and posts, all in contrast, illustrating the know-how of univers et cité.

Painted square steel tube and sheet stainless steel body, 5 mm thick. 
Fully stainless steel removable system, locked by triangular key. 
On the retractable version, automatic reset system controlled by triangular key.

80 post
Body 70x70, head 80x80 mm
Fixed or removable, height above ground 900 mm.

110 bollard
Body 100x100, head 110x110 mm
Fixed or removable, height above ground 900 mm.

170 bollard
Body 160x160, head 170x170 mm
Fixed, removable or retractable, height above ground 500 or 700 mm.

Steel: Zinc coating then baked polyester powder coating. 
Stainless steel: Brushed. 
More details in the Materials section

PRM contrast strip
Plug for 80, 110 and 170 removable system

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