About us

Bench Building

French Designer and Manufacturer of Urban Furniture for 25 Years


From design to manufacturing, since 1999, we have been offering ranges of contemporary and functional urban furniture.

We are located in Toulouse, and all our products are manufactured in France.

Our benches, armchairs, benches, bins, bollards, bike racks, planters, grids, and tree corsets are made from steel, wood, and stainless steel.

Our integrated design office provides responsiveness and adaptability to project managers and public space designers. This close collaboration is the core of our work.

We regularly develop new ranges and continually optimize our manufacturing processes.

Implementing an eco-design approach has allowed us to minimize the environmental impact of each product, from design to end-of-life.

We recycle all our waste (non-recyclable waste is systematically sent to a treatment center approved by the European Union).

Reducing packaging quantities and exploring new solutions to replace plastic are more than ever at the center of our concerns.

As you may have understood, we believe in industrial ecology and successfully combine demanding design, technical expertise, and environmental quality.