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Alliage post, ø 76

Alliage bollard, ø 114

Alliage bollards, ø168 H 500 and 700

Alliage barrier, 0.5 m

Alliage barrier, 1 m

Alliage barrier, 1.5 m

Fixed bollards & posts

Posts and bollards
Made entirely from brushed and painted stainless steel.
Fully stainless steel removable system, locked by triangular key.
On the retractable version, automatic reset system controlled by triangular key.

Made from painted steel and stainless steel.
Height above ground 900, seal 200 mm.

Alliage 76 posts
Fixed or removable, PRM
Height above ground 900 mm, ø 76 mm.

Alliage 114 bollards
Fixed or removable, PRM
Height above ground 900 mm, ø 114.

Alliage 168 bollards
Fixed, removable or retractable.
Height above ground 500 and 700 mm, ø 168.

Alliage barrier, 0.5 m
Length 500, width 40 mm.

Alliage barrier, 1 m
Length 1000, width 40 mm.

Alliage barrier, 1.5 m
Length 1500, width 40 mm.

Posts and bollards
Upper section: brushed stainless steel.
Lower section: painted stainless steel with baked polyester powder coating.

Steel: Zinc coating then baked polyester powder coating.
Stainless steel: shiny micro-blasted.

More details in the Materials section​

For posts and bollards
Plug for removable system, ø 76, ø 114 and ø 168.

For barriers
Removable version

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