Arlo 70 post

Arlo barrier

Arlo 70 post and Arlo barrier

Arlo barrier 1m

The new Arlo bollards and barriers make it possible to structure the public space, without overloading it. We find the codes of this new range: lightness and graphics. The manufacture in powder coated galvanized steel also offers them a perfect robustness, inherent to their functions. Bollards and barriers available in fixed and removable versions. 

The + :  alone or alternately, Arlo bollards and barriers allow the creation of light and resolutely contemporary alignments. The landscape is not masked, functionality is ensured. 

Arlo 70 Bollards
Fixed or removable, standard or PMR with contrast band.
Height above ground 900mm, section 70.

Arlo barriers 0.5 m
Length 500 x 40 mm.
Arlo barriers 1 m
Length 1000 x 40 mm.

Steel: Zinc plating then polyester powder baked.

More details in the Materials section

For removable posts 
Plug for removable system. Removable version. 

For barriers
Removable version

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