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Cylindrical Luna bin

Cylindrical Luna ashtray

Luna 1/2 bin or ashtray

Cylindrical bin & ashtray

Line made from flat steel profiles, 5 mm thick. Lid, 5 mm thick, locked by triangular key. 
Bin fitted with an interior polyethylene container. Ashtray fitted with a metal tray inside to be filled with sand.

Bins and ashtrays

1/2 cylindrical Luna model
500 x 280, height 800 mm, sealed at 3 points.
Interior bin container with capacity of 35 l.

Cylindrical Luna model
ø 500, height 800 mm, sealed at 3 points. 
Interior bin container with capacity of 65 l.

Steel: Zinc coating then baked polyester powder coating. 
More details in the Materials section​

Vigipirate locking measure 
Small ashtray on the lid
Waste sorting, 2 metal containers
​Stainless steel cigarette stubber on the lid

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