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Zeo litter bins and ashtrays

Zeo 75 liter bin

Zeo waste sorting litter bin

Zeo 1/2 litter bin

Zeo Vigipirate litter bin

Zeo ashtray

Zeo litter bin and ashtray - street furniture. Steel frame. Sheet steel body, 2 mm thick. Sheet steel lid, 3 mm thick and 40x40 tube.
The bins are equipped with an interior metal container.

75-litre bin 4 openings - Height 1000 mm 500x500 mm
Waste sorting bin, 2 x 30-litre containers - Height 1000 mm 500x500 mm
1/2 55-litre bin - Height 1000 mm 500x320 mm
Vigipirate bin, 100-litre bag - Height 1000 mm 500x500 mm

Height 900 mm 100x100 mm

Steel: Zinc coating then baked polyester powder coating.
More details in the Materials section​

Vigipirate locking measure
Small ashtray on the lid
​Stainless steel cigarette stubber on the lid

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