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Bench Synergie

Synergie Bench, chair and bench seat - street furniture: Linearity, geometric shapes. Bench, bench, armchair, bench-planter make up this new range of simple and effective steel seats, in tune with the times, for which the choice of color will be decisive. 

Street furniture in steel, a completely recyclable material, requiring very little maintenance. the seat and backrest of the bench offer a comfortable welcome.

Steel tube leg frame, 80 x 40 mm. Sheet steel seat and back rest, 6 mm thick, welded to leg frame, no screws.
Sealed at 4 points.
Compliant with standard NF P99-610, category “S”.

Synergie bench
Length 1835 mm, depth 630 mm. Seat height 420 mm, total 740 mm.

Synergie chair
Length 775 mm, depth 630 mm. Seat height 420 mm, total 740 mm.

Synergie bench seat 
Length 1835 mm, depth 520 mm. Seat height 420 mm.

Synergie bench seat + planter
Length 3000 mm, depth 520 mm. Seat height 420 mm. Planter 670x410, depth 320 mm. 

Zinc Coating then baked polyester powder coating.
More details in the Materials section​

Armrest for chair and bench

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