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Square Cinéo

Round Cinéo

Cinéo bench seat planter

Steel frame, height 750 mm, wooden trim, 35 x 30 mm section.
Interior container in galvanised steel, height 550 mm

Bench seat + planter
Steel leg frame, wooden seat, section 38 x 35 mm. Sealed at 4 points. Compliant with standard NF P99-610, category “S”. Interior container in galvanised steel 670 x 410 mm, height 320 mm.

Square planter
H. 750 – 1000 x 1000 mm – container 720 x 720 mm

Round planter
H. 750 - ø 930 mm - container ø 810 mm

Bench seat + planter 
H. 420 - 3000 x 520 mm

Wood section 35x38

Steel: Zinc coating then baked polyester powder coating.
Wood: Insulation by bath then 2 layers of wood stain.
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Height-adjustable legs 
Specific dimensions on request

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