Link tree grates

Link 1000 tree grate

Link 1200 tree grate

Link 1500 tree grate

Link rectangular tree grate

Link tree grates - Street furniture. A very covering structure, protecting against the undesirable growth of plants on the ground. An aperture allowing a good development of the trunk. 4 dimensions to choose.

Compliance with standard P98-350.

Central opening ø 540 mm.
Total thickness of 45 mm.

Square 1000 – External frame dimensions: 1005 x 1005 mm
Square 1200 – External frame dimensions: 1200 x 1200 mm
Square 1500 – External frame dimensions: 1480 x 1480 mm
Rectangular – External frame dimensions: 1005 x 1480 mm

Frame to be sealed: hot-dip galvanised.
Tree grate: zinc coating then baked polyester powder coating.
More details in the Materials section

Recess for spotlight
Drainage hatch
Hatch for wooden stake
Base for wooden stake

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