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All the products produced from steel are protected against corrosion through a process of galvanisation followed by the application of a finishing paint consisting of baked polyester powder coating.


Choice of colours from the RAL colour chart (smooth appearance) or special colours with a textured appearance.

The mesh tree surrounds are hot-dipped.


All the products made from stainless steel are made from 304L stainless steel as standard (austenitic chrome-nickel stainless steel). Products can be made using 316L stainless steel, (austenitic au chrome nickel-molybdenum stainless steel) on request and for fittings used in an acidic or saline environment.


> Brushed grain 220
Used for Alliage tree surround profiles, the sides of Fusion planters, bins and ashtrays, Amandine, Alliage, Évolution, Vigi and Vision bins and ashtrays, Vision and Exotica bike supports and Fusion, Alliage and Vision posts and bollards.

> Brushed after machining
Linear brushing for Fusion studs. Circular brushing for the heads of Exotica, Alliage and Vision bollards and all Vision studs.

> Shiny micro-blasting
Used for Vision tree girdles and barriers and the upper sections of Alliage barriers.

> In-depth highly-polished by electrolytic bath
Used for Oméga bike supports.


The species used as standard to manufacture fittings is iroko, a category 4 rot-proof wood. Possibility, on request, of using acacia, a local, eco-certified category-4 wood. Consult us for other species. The wood used to manufacture our fittings are sourced from FSC-certified suppliers (in the case of iroko) and PEFC-certified suppliers (in the case of acacia), thereby guaranteeing responsible forest management.


The pieces of wood are protected by means of a stained insulator bath followed by the application of 2 coats of wood stain. The products used are water-based.


The panels are made using laminated duromers. They are made in high-pressure laminate presses at a high temperature. Doubly-hardened acrylic polyurethane resins provide highly-effective protection against bad weather, UV rays, scratches, solvents and impacts. Easy to clean, this material is resistant to temperatures ranging between - 80°C and + 180°C. The compact laminate panels used to manufacture the fittings in the LIA range have an 8-mm-thick teak finish.